Web Site Developer Dan Veaner melds a background in design, computer programming and extensive online publishing experience.  Dan worked for AOL for eight years, and currently publishes a number of local-focussed Web sites including The Lansing Star Online, IthacaWeather.net, and IthaCalendar.com, as well as a handful of fun personal sites like vvids.com.  He has built numerous Web sites for a variety of clients.  He has also built  community Web sites including The North Log Cabin, and The Lansing Community Council sites. 

Dan works with you to create Web sites that meet your marketing and other needs.  He believes you should own your Web site and that you should be in control of it.  He can help you establish a blog and set up social networking integration.  He talks to you in plain English, answering questions and helping you come up with a Web site that best meets your online needs.