Note: This page is for clients who have hired us to build their sites.  We need your domain name and hosting set up before we can begin, so we're asking you to complete a few simple steps: Every Web site needs an address (domain name like and a hosting account (a computer on the Internet where your site is stored and served to the public).  In the first two steps you must purchase a domain name and hosting account.  You pay for these by the year, and I feel it is important to use a credit card so they can be automatically renewed.  That helps insure you won't lose your Web site when they expire.

Scroll down to choose your hosting and domain name providers, or CLICK HERE if you just want to do it without having to read all that and make choices.

Typically the domain name and hosting together cost less than $ 100 per year.  The part I do is a one-time charge, although I am always available to make changes or add features if you want me to.  Once I have all this information I can build your site, usually quite quickly.  I do my best to make it as easy for you as 1-2-3.

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All Web sites need a domain name, a hosting account and the actual content.  One way to look at it is that your domain name is your address, your hosting account is your plot of land, and your content is your house and all it contains.  In steps 1 and 2 below you will purchase your "address" and "plot of land".  Once you do that I will be able to begin "building your house".

You In Control Of Your Web Site
I strongly believe in giving you total control over your Web sites by making sure you have all the log-ins, passwords and so on.  If you decide you don't like me (I don't know why you would!) or if I get hit by a bus I don't want your Web site to be held hostage.  You should have your passwords so you can choose to work with someone else without feeling like it is a hassle, or do work on the site yourself if you know how.  In most cases I will also train you on updating content in your site so you can just do it and not have to wait for a third party Webmaster.  Again, I am available for hire when you want me to do this, but if you want to do it yourself, you should be able to.