A hosting account is the computer your Web site is stored on. It is specially set up so that people can access your Web site when they type in your domain name.

You sign up for hosting online with your credit card and I recommend that you keep it on file for autorenewal to insure your site is not taken down while waiting for your renewal payments each year.

I recommend inmotion hosting because it offers great features, including SSD drives (Solid State Drives run faster than traditional hard drives, and as a result your site loads faster), a free domain name and free data backups.  In my experience their technical support is second to none.  My business Web sites are hosted on a VPS account there, most likely much more than you will need  Instead, you will probably need one of their three 'Business Account' offerings.  

If you do not have a domain name, inmotion hosting includes one free.  If you used Namecheap or Godaddy be sure to choose the option on either inmotion or Hostgator that says you already own a domain name, and type that in the space provided. 

You get much better prices on if you pay ahead, so decide what you want and make the purchase.  Check the time periods and pricing options and choose the none that works best for you.  I recommend that you purchase at least one year ahead.

Signing up for an Inmotionhosting account:

  • After clicking the Inmotion Hosting banner above,  Click the "Business Hosting" button.  Then choose the plan you want:
  • If you will only need one or two Web site choose the 'Launch' Plan
  • If you will need more than two sites choose the 'Power' Plan
  • They also have a 'Pro Plan' if you think you will have more than six Web sites in the near future.
  • After choosing a plan you will come to a screen with two choices ("I would like to purchase a new domain" and "I already own this domain or will handle the registration separately").  If you have purchased your domain with Namecheap or Godaddy, choose the second one, and don't worry about handling the registration separately -- once you have purchased your domain name I will handle it from there!
  • Check out with your credit card.
  • This company calls you before setting up your account.  Please take that call!
  • When your account is set up, usually within an hour or so, Inmotion will send you and email with your account information, log-in, etc.  Please forward that email to me so I can begin work on your site.
Important: You will want Linux hosting.  Don't forget to forward me the email detailing a lot of technical information to me once you have signed up and paid.   I will need it to get your site onto the Web.