In our initial meeting we will discuss what you want your Web site to look like.  If you have logos or other art or photographs, please have them ready.  It is best to have them in digital form, but I can scan art that is 8 1/2 x 11 or smaller.  Based on this information I will create a template that defines the look and feel of your site.

Remember the template is just a start.  I will put your art into it and adjust the look of it to best suit your needs.  It is just a starting point.  Once we have something to look at I will make any changes you need.

Some Web sites have thousands of pages.  Some have only a few.  We will talk about the skeleton of your site -- what pages you need and what menus you want to present.  I may ask you to create an outline.  Most sites have the 'Front Page', an 'About Us' page, and a 'Contact Us' page.  You will probably have ideas about other pages you want on your site.

Think it through -- you want the front page to be sparky, to draw the visitor in and make him or her look at the rest of your site.  It is the one place where marketing is most important.  Don't try to put too much information on it -- focus on a succinct message.

Also, you will be able to have your own email addresses such as This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Let me know what they should be (and a password for each).

After We Meet About Your Site

The next steps should be painless for you. 

  • I build the site.  Once there is enough to look at I forward you an address so you can send me notes on changes you want
  • You send me your "homework": emails or Word or text files containing the text you want to appear on each page, plus pictures you want me to use with notes on where to put them
  • We go back and forth, often in email, until you are happy with the look of the site.  I will make recommendations, but you don't have to take my advice.
  • Once we are done or almost done, I train you on how to log into your site and make text and image changes.